February 12 2020 transit of mercury astrology

Planetary Overview The Astrology of Year On this page, you'll find a handy Feb 16, PM, Mercury Retrograde, Mer 12 Pis 53'Rx . It's useful to sort/pinpoint transits by entering simply the name of the planet you're looking for.
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Additionally, it keeps neutral or equal relations with the planets Saturn , Mars and Jupiter. The retrograde Mercury is considered to be especially crucial because it has a direct impact on our logical ability, business, and communication techniques.

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When these get affected, we come across various types of problems in our life. Now, this significator of communication, business, and skin will transit from Aquarius to Pisces on 25th February , Monday at AM. Afterwards, it will start its direct motion from 28th March , Thursday, and once again enter Pisces on Friday, 12th April In this way, Mercury will keep transiting between Pisces and Aquarius from 25 February to 12 April, and will be becoming direct and retrograde as well. Consequently, this transit of Mercury will indubitably effect all zodiac signs.

Let us know, what is the impact of Mercury transit in Pisces on your Zodiac Sign, and what lucky-unlucky consequences it will have for you? This prediction is based on your moon sign. To know yours, click here: Moon Sign Calculator. Mercury is transiting in your twelfth house of loss, which belongs to Pisces according to Kalpurush Kundli.

This house is the significator of expenditure, the subconscious mind, foreign travel, and salvation moksha. You will see an increase in your expenses during this transit. Devise a good budget plan to prevent unnecessary expenditure. Students preparing for exams or having sat for a competitive exam will receive good results. You may plan a foreign trip or your plans for settling overseas may get fulfilled.

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Some natives of Aries can go on a pilgrimage with their family. People born under the Aries sign can get interested in spiritual topics and meet a spiritual mentor for the same. Mercury, the significator of speech, mind, and logical ability, will transit in your eleventh house or the Profit House , which belongs to Aquarius as per Kaal Purush Kundali. This house pertains to our income, achievements in life, relations with elder siblings, and profits. Your economy will strengthen due to this transit. Working personnel may see an increase in their salary, and will receive support from their seniors during this time.

Those planning to start a new venture can do that now. Investments can be beneficial as well.

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Taurus natives in love will receive good results, and marriage may also be on the cards for some. However, married people may face differences with partner. The time is good for students as issues concerning education will be removed, and they will excel in logical subjects like Maths and Science. People looking for a job will receive new offers. Mercury transits to your tenth house. According to Kalpurush Kundli, this house belongs to Capricorn, and is the significator of your actions, father, and reputation in the society. Your creativity will bloom during this transit and it will be an auspicious time for people working in writing or journalism fields.

You will have an impressive concentration level, and your hard work will procure good outcomes for you. Your standing with the family members will improve and they will heed your advice. Your relations with your father will become good during this time. Your married life will be love-filled as your partner will understand even your silences. Control your tongue during this time, especially in society otherwise it could lead to defamation.

Intellect of students will improve. Positive thinking will improve your personality. Stay clear of any wrong company.

In astrology, Mercury is the significator of communication and writing. It is transiting in your ninth house, belonging to Saggitarius according to Kaal Purush Kundali, which can prove to be quite auspicious for you. This transit will inspire you to move towards writing and acting, and you may devote your time to these activities as well.

Businessmen and students can receive good news from overseas. Students who wish to study abroad can get their dreams fulfilled. This transit is auspicious for all Cancer natives, however, those associated with glamour and media will especially find the success that they have been waiting for. This time is favourable for your siblings as well. Any mental tension will disappear. With improvement in health, you will find a positive energy in all your work.

Mercury transits in your eighth house, which belongs to Scorpio as per Kaal Purush Kundali. Your situation will be average during this transit — not exceptionally bad, but not really good either. Try to strengthen your economic side. Do not lend money to anyone, otherwise while their financial situation will improve, you will get stuck in the middle. On the other hand, some of you can receive hidden wealth which will improve your conditions. Working professionals need to remain cautious in their workplace. Try to stay away from unnecessary debates and office politics. Be sincere and do not take any decision emotionally.

Mars leaps from the little boat into his own solid ground of Aries on February 5, where he transits rather quickly until March This changes the relationship with Jupiter somewhat, as Mars will no longer be under Jupiter's gaze but will get to aspect Jupiter and also rule the sign in which he sits. This could translate as the energy of Mars taking the driver's seat. With good focus, this could yield great productivity, but we need to be aware of resorting to aggression and force. From Aries, Mars will be throwing his power to Cancer, affecting Rahu, and to Libra, currently vacant and to Scorpio, with Jupiter there.

With force comes momentum and speed. Be aware that Mars combined with unstable energies like Rahu in Cancer can cause us to lose focus and make mistakes. Slow down, be deliberate. Mars in Aries is quite strong and fiery. It is his own sign and this energy is helpful to all with regards to planning, focus, strategy, campaigning and building.

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Counterbalance the fiery energy with enough good food, self care and nurture to avoid burnout or temper flares while you maximize the strong energy for effort that Mars in Aries can promote. Mercury is moving quickly in direct motion through Aquarius from February 6 — 24, after which he plunges into Pisces for his first retrograde cycle of the year, March 5 — Mercury is a natural friend of Saturn, so his transits through Saturn's signs each year are often helpful to keep energy and movement in projects and lines of communication open.

Since Mercury and the Sun often occupy the same or adjoining signs, we see Mercury supplementing the solar energy during this time of year, as the Sun in Saturn's signs during January and February struggles somewhat. Mercury tends to leap before looking as well as to overextend energy and commitments, simply out of a desire to remain connective and helpful. Saturn's influence as lord of the signs Mercury is transiting will help to check the speed somewhat, but the reins really come down on Mercury in Aquarius this year because Saturn is also aspecting there, urging the planets transiting there to be cautious and conservative.

Maybe not the month to send out the fastest horses!

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Aquarius is co-lorded by the planet Rahu, currently poised to move from Cancer the Moon's sign to Gemini Mercury's sign in March. While running through Aquarius, Mercury may be hearing the whispers of Rahu, who will be quite strong and active for the next 1. Mercury and Rahu may be hatching some big plans soon enough, but patience and strategy must be maintained through February. This puts him also in Saturn and Rahu's sign while also under the strong aspect of Saturn.

This is the annual humbling of the power of the Sun, who has to submit to a bit of pressure and cold for a temporary time. This can leave us feeling a bit lost and uninspired, but hopefully the wheels that are already in motion will grind forward. One thing we can do while the Sun transits Aquarius is latch on to the Rahu energy of the moment, which in this case is still finishing up business in Cancer. Rahu's unstable and chaotic energy can be used in a positive way to get a new look at how we may be aligned with our current life purpose, goals, visions and desires.

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  • This is a good month for soul searching and mind-tuning, for checking in with the energy we are putting where and deciding what to adjust going forward. Sometimes getting out of your routine and visiting a new place can be supportive in this type of visioning work. Rahu loves to help us jump the fence and check out new pastures. This is a nice position for the Moon, disposited and aspected by the Sun, aspected by cheerful Mercury and not aspected or afflicted by the nodes, Saturn or Mars.

    This may feel like a peaceful moment where balance has been temporarily attained. Gather this lunar energy and store it for the weeks to come.