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To discuss Cancer compatibility we need to look at Cancer in combination with each of the other sun signs. Each match has different strong and weak areas and .
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While Cancer cares for and nurtures the family and everyone in it, Capricorn will provide an emotional anchor , lots of common sense, discipline and wisdom.

Worst Matches

Capricorn and Cancer are opposite signs in astrology; compatibility between opposites is often good as they provide a special balance of qualities, each offering something the other lacks. In this case, Cancer is a deeply emotional and intuitive sign , whereas Capricorn is cool, practical and logical.

When these two get together as lovers or parents, the family will have the best of both worlds, able to call upon the powers of both the head and the heart. For both Capricorn and Cancer, compatibility is not a frivolous matter. Neither sign is particularly flirtatious or likely to be unfaithful, so this is a relationship which can be built upon fidelity and mutual trust. They respect each other too, which always helps.

Meet the Odd Couple

This is quite likely to be an old fashioned partnership, with gender roles clearly defined regardless which partner is which gender and a convention sort of lifestyle. Tradition is important to Cancer, and Capricorn compatibility hinges upon a certain sort of sentimentality too.

When Capricorn loves and trusts someone, their inner sexiness is revealed, and sensual Cancer will love this side to the Sage.

Cancer Compatibility – Love Relationship Match

This is not a relationship without its challenges, however. Sometimes, the Homemaker just wants more than the Sage is willing to give. Socially, your Sagittarius partner is likely to be your polar opposite. The more you like staying home, the more they want even need to go out and about to feel accepted and alive.

You like traditions, while Sagittarius is always looking for the next best thing. You may have trouble finding real understanding between you, but if you do, you stand to learn a lot from each other. That opposition can work for you or against you, depending on how you handle it.

Cancer Compatibility – Cancer Love Relation & Trust Compatibility

Capricorn may be too cold and materialistic for you, and you may be too sensitive and emotional for them. However, if you can meet in the middle, Cappy can bring you the security you seek, and you can work together as a team to build a great relationship together. In fact, they may find all of that a bit unnecessary. Freedom and originality are the keywords for Aquarius, but you need compassion and connectedness.


A Piscean partner may be able to provide you with a perfect match. You can get absorbed in each other, and that kind of connection could even make you think this is a soul mate. Neither of you deal well with the harsh realities of life, and that can mean that responsibilities get overlooked.

Cancer compatibility

Escaping into a fantasy is fun for awhile, but with Pisces, you could struggle to get back to reality. It takes more than your Sun sign to make a good match!

Then you can avoid some of the potential problems in your partnership, and remain on the road to real romance! Next Article. Posted on June 27,